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Hand @ Finn Stadium 2001. Down2 with 8 seconds left and the ball near mid-field all heads still up and still fighting until the end. Al Salemme calls for "hitches" from the receivers and "bananas" from the slot receiver and tight-end. What happens next will remain in Gaels glore forever. Al looks to Tim Sambo who is grasping and pulling on his facemask (this means "and-go"). With the clock running the team gets to the line with 8 seconds left and the play works to perfection. The sloppy hitch pattern makes the corner think he has a chance at a pick. No discipline .. as Tim spins out of the hitch and takes off down the sidelines the ball is perfectly thrown so that the safety does not have time to get over. After the 40 yard throw and catch Glen Somogie comes on to finalize the last second comeback with a tough 25 yard field goal from the hash. As time expires fans are actually coming back to the game as they had already, mistakenly, given up on the Gaels. Never will a fan leave a Shelton game early again... Go Gaels!

Timothy Sambo
2001 Season

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